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Vintage: 2020, dry white wine

Grape variety: Olaszrizling

Terroir: Királyhalom-Backi Vinogradi, Fodor vineyard

The vineyard is located next to the National Park “Selevenji”, separated one from the other by just one road, which is only 3 meters wide. Sandy, loessy, loamy soil and forest soil with underground layers of clay and natural stone. The wine is made from grapes harvested from 50-year-old vines. After harvesting at the end of October the grapes underwent 7 days of skin contact and then matured for 14 months in old oak barrels of 500 litres. Unfiltered, unclarified, bottled without added sulfite. No pump or bottling machine is used, bottling is done by gravity.

Alc.: 12%



Vintage: 2019-2020-2021

Dry white wine

Grape varieties: Olaszrizling, Tamjanika, Bakator, Mézes Fehér, Furmint

Terroir: Sremski Karlovci, Fruška Gora (wine region in Srem), Nosza hill

Our vineyards with Bakator and Olaszrizling grape varieties are situated close to the

Danube river on first-class terroir. This cuvee is based on Olaszrizling (vintage 2019) and Bakator (vintage 2020), with late harvested Mézes Fehér and Furmint grape varieties, as well as with Muscat Tamjanika from the Remete range. The special feature of this wine is the repeated fermentation in all three years, meaning the wine was “reborn” three times. In Sumerian mythology BABA was the goddess of fertility and birth, while our ancestors prayed to Maria Baba when expecting a baby, for the child to be healthy. Since the wine was (re)born three times, there was really a need for the divine assistance of the “Goddess”. Relying on nature exclusively is risky for fermentation, especially when done three times. Complex, earth shaking and ground breaking wine. Babba is full-bodied, with seriously high extraction, combined with a golden-orange colour. Herbal trace of hay, honeycomb, dried stone fruit, almond, orange peel. Well balanced intense creation with good, well balanced acidity. The wine was aged in old oak barrels for 3 years.

Alc.: 11,5%


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