We produce distillates in a traditional, natural way mostly using alembic pot stills and the double distillation method.
Alembic pot still is completely opposite to the quick and economical one-time process using dephlegmator devices.
Our distillates “rakija” is made of wine lees of rich taste and the high-quality grape from our vineyard- natural, organic, and partially biodynamic grown. After the distillation process, distillates (rakija) age five or six years. 
In the distillation process, we use water from the Srem region from Fruska Gora mountain. We do not use distillate water. We do not add or subtract anything, we bottle as nature does, by gravity drop, without the use of a filler and a pump.
Our main goal is to present distillates as totally natural, which is a new way in the world of distillates “rakija”.


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Monday - Friday: 8:00-16:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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