1880 gastronomy - 1.

1880 gastronomy - 1.

We will take you through the tradition of our winery, vineyards and show you how we produce wine. We will spice it all up with a special dinner while tasting different styles of wine.
The idea of creating the “1880 natural wine & food” tasting room and restaurant is based on the concept of Maurer winery and it represents its reflection in the hospitality business.

The uniqueness of our kitchen is inspired by the connection between nature and people, the result of which is our culinary masterpieces. We believe that domestic products, autochthones varieties, and the gastronomy tradition of the Severnobacki region deserve an honorable place in the 21st century.

The main concept of the „1880 natural wine & food” tasting room and restaurant is one of a kind in Serbia, and it’s based on 5 principles:

  1. Forest: spices, mushrooms, forest salads, and edible medicinal herbs
  2. Land: edible medicinal herbs and flowers, mushrooms
  3. Organic garden: 10 meters from the restaurant is our organic garden where we have 30 different varieties of vegetables and green spices (we do not use herbicides)
  4. Traditional domestics farms: domestic types of pig, sheep, cow, and poultry (“mangulica”, “podolsko sivo”, “racka sheep”)
  5. River Tisa: fish from river Tisa (barbel, perch, wild carp, catfish)

We prepare food from fresh, seasonal groceries, inspired by nature.
A wine tasting dinner includes a seven-course menu with eight different wines.


Contact Information

Open hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-16:00
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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